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  • 9 Jul 2017

Low Sodium Diet - 7 Tips to Avoid and 7 Tips to Do When Eating Out In Restaurants

When you are on a low sodium diet and want to eat out in a restaurant, there are some foods to watch out for and some foods you should look for. There are also a few things you can do to help your food be more flavorful and still follow a low sodium diet.

Suggestions of what foods to avoid when eating out on a low sodium diet:


  • 16 Jul 2017

Cake Baking Equipment

Essential baking appliances make your baking experience at home wonderful and easy. Baking is indeed fun as this activity tends to bind the family. To become a professional baker it's important for you to recognize and know the various type of tools and equipments used in the process and more importantly how to use and when to best save your time and money.

  • 15 Jul 2017
Recent News
  •   8 Jul 2017   Posted By Anthony G.   29 Favs   0 Comments

    Make Cooking and Baking Easier with These Kitchen Supplies

    When you love to cook and bake, you probably know that although cooking and baking can be fun, and although the treats you make can be scrumptious, baking itself can be a difficult task because of all of the elements that are involved. Fortunately, with a few great accessories, you can make cooking and baking easy and fun again.

  •   3 Jul 2017   Posted By Armando O.   10 Favs   0 Comments

    The Top 5 tips to Great Baking

    The festive season is definitely a great time for baking. For all those who have baked their own Christmas cake and yummy batches of crispy cookies it sure has been fun. For those however, who have wanted to do so but have had to satisfy them with looking at the cookie store down the lane or the foodie blogs of enthusiastic bakers, I sure know how depressing it can get.

  •   7 Jul 2017   Posted By Grant A.   69 Favs   0 Comments

    Baking Your Way to Success with a Convection Oven

    You don't want to serve your guests something that's undercooked or overcooked -- your restaurant isn't their mom's house. In order to make sure every dish is just as good as they remember it, you need to invest in a high quality convection oven. Yes, this is going to be a pricey investment, but the results are worth it.

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22 Jul 2017
Posted By Josh M.

The Advantages And Uses Of An Online Bakery

We all love our cakes and pastries. Finding the perfect dessert can be quite a hardship if you don't know where to look. We'd rather travel far to our favourite bakery than go to the one close by that offers lower quality products. However, now we don't have to spend that much time and energy to eat our favourite baked good. Online bakery products are delivered right to our home without any hassles or worries.
9 Jul 2017
Posted By Janet D.
6 Jul 2017
Posted By Howard B.

Food: Five Tips On Cooking

There can not be many individuals who do not enjoy their food, but the human race, being what it is, I expect that there are a a small number of them. However, for the remainder of us, food is a source of daily delight and, like drink, it is frequently employed to commemorate a happy event. not only that, but various foodstuffs are used for the various meals or distinct events.
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7 Jul 2017
Posted By Fernando R.

Nothing Else Compares To Chocolate Chip Cookies

For a great majority of people, they have stored somewhere in their memory remembrances of their favorite foods, tastes, aromas and flavors from their childhood meal times and childhood treats. Just catching a tiny whiff of some aroma that is familiar can bring back a flood of memories and one of the most common aromas that conjure up warm and special memories is the smell of freshly-baked, chocolate chip cookies.
1 Jul 2017
Posted By Gerald M.

How Do I Make My Own Bread ?

Bread making has reached a new popularity with many people. They want the best products but do not want to pay for grocery store items that are chock full of preservatives. There is a way to avoid those preservatives and still enjoy the homemade goodness of great biscuits and bread. You are in luck today. One of the best biscuit recipes you will ever taste is included with this article. These light and fluffy biscuits will ensure that you never buy the canned or frozen varieties ever again.
7 Jul 2017
Posted By Chuck P.

Why Quality Bread Machines and Bread Makers Are A Must For Every Kitchen!

As a big time bread lover I am a huge fan of the highly popular bread machines that are now on the market. I used to have to go to my grandmother's house to get really good fresh bread, now with the recipes I have accumulated and my own bread machine I can make my own at home. Having fresh bread makes a big difference in meals like spaghetti, gumbos etc. If you are of French or Italian descent you know that not having fresh bread on the table is almost a sin.
30 Jul 2017

Bloomin' Onion Bread Recipe

This Cheesy Bloomin' Onion Bread is a great way to serve the bread to a gathering and everybody will be impressed. It looks and tastes soo good.The melted ...

7 Jul 2017

Lasagna Recipe

An Italian classic, a family favourite and a real crowd pleaser. This version ticks all the right boxes at every level... the white sauce, the pasta and layers and of ...

14 Jul 2017

Buttermilk Cake with Mascarpone Cream & Berries: Howdini Cakes

This old-fashioned southern cake is traditionally a single layer buttermilk cake with berries and cream served on the side. We transformed it into a festive layer ...

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